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Camera Cliques Studios wants to provide you, as an aspiring photographer, with the resources needed to advance your photography skills. One of the best ways to do that is through workshops. Most people benefit from hands-on learning from someone who can guide them through the subject. Let’s face it; most of us won’t pick up a book on photography, read it and then go practice what we read.

Without hands-on experience, what we’ve learned just through reading is not likely going to help us become better photographers. We have to continually practice the technical skills and important techniques we’ve learned. Having someone guide us through these skills and help us develop them is important. We also need to know if what we are doing is correct.

These workshops will give you the ability to learn from a seasoned photographer, with years of experience, to guide you through the lesson. They will be able to teach you what’s important and what’s not, and what’s worked best, based on their own experiences

Workshops are also fun and an opportunity to meet people with who share the same interest. Learning with others helps motivate us and stimulates creative new ideas.

So what kinds of workshops are available? We’re working on all kinds, no matter what the skill level. We will be offering classes from the basics, such as how to use your new camera, or an introduction to photography, to the more advanced classes of working in a studio environment or using photographic software such as Adobe’s Lightroom. We also encourage professional photographers to hold their own specialty workshops.

Our desire is to help you become the photographer you desire to be!

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Camera Cliques Studios, LLC

16835 N Park Place, Suite 3

Glendale, AZ 85306


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Albert Pescherine




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